We're excited to share these amazing success stories from Orion Industries, a local leader in precision manufacturing and a social enterprise who uses their businesses to teach job skills to people who experience barriers to employment. Read more.

Auburn City Council is considering recommendations from city staff on Ordinance 6817 regarding "Camping on City Property and Admonishment Process." Jeff Tate, Director of Community Development, gave a presentation to City Council on April 12th, outlining recommendations for the ordinance. In a communication to our offices, he provided further explanation for the business community. Read more.

Auburn Symphony Orchestra conducted by Music Director Wesley Schulz announces a new virtual concert series: "On the Nature of Daylight." The concert will be available for free streaming from April 22nd through May 22nd, 2021. Read More.

The Partnership for Affordable Housing is requesting that Auburn Area residents tell their legislators to support affordable housing creation and preservation. Read more.

The Business and Workers update is a weekly newsletter providing news and information to help businesses and workers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. The information is compiled by the state Economic Resiliency Team (ERT), part of the Joint Information Center at Camp Murray.