Residential Apartments 

Clean occupied resident apartments including bathrooms, living areas and bedrooms according to weekly schedule, or more often if needed.

Ensure apartments are maintained in a safe, comfortable, and attractive manner, keeping residents' personal items safe.

Prepare apartments for move-ins as assigned.

Vacuum and spot clean apartments and hallway carpets.

Sweep and mop floors.

Remove trash from apartments.

Change and launder bedding and towels.

Thoroughly clean all apartments and common areas to prescribed sanitary standards on a scheduled basis or as needed.

Main Common Areas

Follow daily schedule of tasks.

Wash all windows, inside and outside, on a regular basis.

Check all light switches to ensure lights are in working order on a regular basis.

Defrost refrigerators on a regular basis, where applicable.

Wipe all handrails in the building weekly.

Vacuum all hallways on a weekly basis or as needed.

Report any supplies needed to the appropriate designee.

Clean elevators daily.

Clean and sanitize ublic restrooms daily.