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Sound Transit Seeks Public Feedback on 2022 Service Plan!

Sound Transit is now seeking input on the 2022 Service Plan. The proposed 2022 Service Plan would build on 2021 service additions and bring Sounder South service back to pre-pandemic levels. It would also expand hours of service on ST Express Route 574 between Lakewood and SeaTac by beginning service earlier and ending service later to better serve airport workers. In addition, it would add a stop at Tacoma Dome for Route 592 (DuPont-Lakewood-Seattle) to better connect with other transit options. (CLICK HERE for more detailed information on the proposed 2022 Service Plan.)

Every year, Sound Transit publishes the upcoming year's draft service plan which identifies the major changes being proposed. This process includes collecting public feedback on the plan to help guide planners in making any necessary adjustments.

The ongoing pandemic highlighted several ridership patterns, including who's most reliant on South Transit network and why equity needs to be a primary focus as part of the pandemic recovery. As the situation steadily improves, Sound Transit ridership is rebounding region wide and they are responding with  proposed increases to service where people need it most.

Public feedback regarding the 2022 Service Plan will be collected via an online open house until August 22nd, 2021. CLICK HERE to visit the online open house.

The public can submit comment via:

  • The online open house survey;
  • Calling 800-201-4900 to take the survey via phone;
  • Attending a virtual open house on August 11th at 6 pm -- CLICK HERE to join the meeting;
  • Commenting during the online public hearing on August 12th at 11 am -- CLICK HERE for more information;
  • Submit public comment by email to [email protected].

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