Skills Inc. Celebrates 2020 Graduates of the Aerospace Internship Program

Jun 24, 2020  -  Business

The Auburn Area CONNECT Chamber of Commerce would like to extend our congratulations and a virtual high-five to each of the 42 recent high school student graduates from the Skills Inc. 2020 Aerospace Internship Program.

Skills Inc. is a nonprofit, social enterprise program that supports employment and job skills training for individuals with disabilities interested in the aerospace industry, technical services and business solutions. The program is based in Auburn and is self-funded. The Aerospace Internship Program offers local youth the opportunity to gain valuable work-readiness skills and hands-on experience in the aerospace industry. Additionally, Skills Inc. also offers a Vocational Services Program and Customized Employment Program to match the skills of employees with specific business needs. 

Congratulations to the new graduates!

To learn more about the programs and services available through Skills Inc., visit the organization's website at