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100 Good Days

By Bruce - Prevail Executive CoachingPrevail Executive Coaching_Logo

Good days are not rare, but they can be challenging to accomplish depending on the bar you set for yourself. For me, a good day is better than a run-of-the-mill day or a not-so-good day, but it's not an outstanding day either. You can increase the number of good days by identifying the elements of your outstanding days and focusing on the behaviors and actions that made you happy.

If you'd like to improve your feelings of well-being, understand that there are positive things in your life that can help create a good day. If you first identify and then focus on those things, you'll experience more good days. It's not as simple as making a list -- although that's a good start. The key to a good day is attention and practice.

Here's what I've found works for experiencing more good days:

Select Your Big Three

Consider your most recent outstanding day. What three elements created the happiness you felt? Why do I suggest three? The number three has been associated with completion, simplicity, and perfection. I like that three are easy to remember, and represents not only a pattern, but also a winner's circle podium. Make sure you select your own ideas, the ones that fit your personality, values, and preferences, and not someone else's.

Identify Your Big Three Generators

Identify three (of course) behaviors or actions that helped you generate your Big Three. For example, here are my Big Three -- joy, generosity, and growth -- and their generators:

  • Joy

Connect: Have a heartfelt conversation with another person. That requires being fully present, curious, and non-judgmental.

Laugh: Find something humerous for a full belly laugh or snort. It could be a pun, a dad joke, or watching cat videos, as long as it's not demeaning to others.

Exercise: Do enough physical activity to feel tired and sore. It could be an intense workout, a challenging hike, or some strenuous yard work.

  • Generosity

Serve: Commit an act of kindness that's motivated from a servant heart and suspends the need for recognition. It could be mowing the neighbor's lawn, letting someone go before you at the grocery store checkout line, or leaving a high-value parking spot for someone else.

Exceed: Do more than expected when completing a task. Perfection can be the enemy of completion, but when time allows, wow your customer by providing something extra.

Assist: Make life easier for someone else by reducing their burden. It could be carrying your neighbor's garbage cans in from the street, buying a few extra items for the local food bank, or donating items that you no longer need.

  • Growth

Love: Be the partner, family member, and friend that you'd look forward to spending time with. Try to be interested in what they're interested in, resist offering advice when they want to vent, and send a text or note of encouragement.

Discover: Discover something new every day. It could be working on a new skill, reading something interesting, or listening to a thought-provoking podcast.

Reflect: Develop emotionally and spiritually through self-reflection and meditation. It could be writing a journal, extending grace to yourself and others, or being appreciative of your blessings.

Practice Your Big Three and Their Generators

I recommend reviewing your Big Three and their generators in the morning, before your day gets busy. I like to review mine even before reviewing my to-do list, to activate my intentions for the day. I also like to remind myself throughout the day how my Big Three lead to happiness and use these positive feelings to movitate me to act on their generators.

It can be difficult to achieve a good day. Knowing what makes you happy and seeking those experiences daily will bring more joy into your life and increase your feelings of well-being.

Have a good day -- and let me know what you discover.

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