Aug 05, 2022  -  Projects

Green River College is looking for someone who can devote approximately 2-3 hours total: one meeting in September/early October and one meeting in late November. Both meetings would be via zoom (so no travel would be required).
Below is a description of the project:

Green River College- BAS in Applied Management Capstone Project (Fall of 2022):
Their Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management students have a capstone project at the end of the program in their Business Strategies and Analysis classes. The final capstone project is a two-part project:
1. Interview - early in the quarter (early October), the students interview a local business owner and learn about the business and the issues that the business owner is dealing with. After this initial interview (which takes about one hour), students complete research on the business and business strategies that can help the business owner be more successful.

2. Presentations - one month after the initial interview (mid November), students present their strategies and ideas to the business owner in groups. The business owner then gives feedback for example: the business owner may say an idea or strategy is not feasible because of XYZ.

After the final presentations and feedback, students write up their strategies and ideas in a formal business memo which is then delivered to the business owner after the quarter ends.

  • Both meetings would be via zoom, so no travel needed! 🙂
  • The project would help students learn more about business management and strategies and hopefully would also be a win for the business as students would present various strategies/ideas to help the business grow/prosper.

If your business is interested, please reach out to:

Nicole Harris, MPAcc, CPA
Business Faculty & Co-Director of Green River College Business Bachelors
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Office: Auburn Campus SH-220-43 ph; 253.833.9111 ext. 4389
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