Apr 21, 2021  -  Business

The Green River College Small Business Center invites interested applicants to register for the upcoming 4-part, educational course series: "Start a Successful Business."

Learn the essential components for starting a profitable, small business by taking all four classes at a discounted price.

Series classes include:

  • Business Start-Up and ManagementThis class will help you plan the start-up of a new business. Learn strategic and tactical keys to success such as assessing your resources, identifying your business personality, developing your concept, protecting your assets through proper business structure and understanding the necessary licenses and taxes. 
  • Business MarketingLearn the basics of making strategic marketing decisions and building an integrated marketing plan. Utilizing a practical and repeatable process, you will learn about important concepts such as priving, distribution, messaging, message delivery and how to base all of those decisions on your customer profile, product advantages and competition.
  • Business Financial Management Effective financial management is your key to small business success. Learn to read basic financial statements and concentrate on your key financial priorities. Understand how to use the cash-flow cycle to your business' advantage and utilize important benchmarks for maximizing your daily results. This class is crucial to your small business education.
  • Developing a Business PlanThis hands-on session is designed to help you create a working business plan for starting or managing your business. Through engaging writing exercises and group brainstorming, you will take you business ideas further than you thought possible. While traditional business plan formats will be discussed, the focus of this class is to help you develop and sharpen your own business ideas to give you the greatest chance of success.

The cost to attend the complete, 4-class series is $169.00. CLICK HERE to register.

The course will be taught by Kevin Grossman, a Certified Business Advisor with the Small Business Center at Green River College. Kevin advises business owners of start-up companies to those with $50M in annual revenues, in industries including professional services, advanced manufacturing, construction, medical and software developer development. He helps with a wide range of issues, from business planning and forecasts to governance and decision making, operational, facilities, financial management and succession planning. He enjoys sharing information and drawing on his broad background to provide students with the knowledge, context and relevant stories for a valuable learning experience.